Mohd Fahim b. Mohd Fariz anak Hawa

>> 4.07.2009

On 25th March 2009 - 5.55 PM, my best friend - Fariz has finally blessed with a son after 9 months plus of waiting. He's so happy about it. He texted me and I called him back right away. I made a funny suggestion to name his son after me so he would grow as handsome as me..ahahaha!!!

3.8 kg via normal deliver is surely a hectic and painful time for Fariz's wife, Hawa.

My mom and I paid them a visit last Saturday at his in-law's house. Such a long time since I met Hawa. She looks exhausted because she just been to Bangi in the morning to sit for her exam. Fariz welcomed us in and then his mother in-law chatted with us.

My mom who is so friendly started to chat and Fariz's in-law laughed so hard like the time I made a joke during our Hari Raya visit last year. Fariz named his son MOHD FAHIM. Wauu..surely this kid gonna understood every single words of his parents. Good name.

Well, for now..his face looks like Fariz, the skin tone..just Fahim is a bit brighter...ekekeke!! Congrats!! SOrry, I didn't manage to buy you guys a present. I had such a hectic day..Here are the pictures of fahim. Sorry Hawa, there's no picture of you..well, you look so tired and I guess it's the best not to take your picture.


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