Outing Putrajaya

>> 2.11.2009

Yeah..new entry is here. Wanted to share my very first outing with some fellow canonist and Nikonos held at Botanical Garden Putrajaya and some other places around Putrajaya. It was held on last Saturday.

Lenses who managed to join were Adesh n Donut, Rasul my housemate and I, Am senpai, Pangak and his fiancee. The original potluck plan is cancelled however due to miscommunication, my friend Pangak still brought nasi lemak for the potluck..ehehe..sorry Pangak. Forgot to mention about the cancellation.

It was my first outing after almost a year I own my own DSLR. Apart of the cloudy day, we still have a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures I took that evening.


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