Bali - Tanah Lot

>> 10.10.2012

Tanah Lot was the last destination during my 2-full-day Bali Trip. After a long journey from Tampak Siring, feeling hungry and enjoying the pure Balinese scenery with all of them wearing their traditional attires the whole journey there, we quickly searched for Halal dining place upon arriving.

Somehow, Masy and Zonaku vanished from our sight and we unanimously agreed that they have already gone into Tanah Lot without waiting for us. Bella said they were going to the toilet together but when she went out, they were no more. We had our lunch at one of the stall there, having our meal that we brought from Malaysia.

I think we spent more than 1 hour there, went to the toilet, performed our prayer, ate our lunch, ordered a bowl of Bakso that couldn't be finished due to the weird taste which from my tastebud, didn't really that weird..haha. The prayer room was an open wall building where we could perform ablution in the toilet 10metres away from the prayer room. There was a large picture of how Mecca was during the 60's and I wanted to take a photo of it, but completely forgotten =p.

Famished and done with our prayers, we walked slowly toward the seashore to watch the majestic view. There are stallls selling crafts, souvenirs along the way there.

This is one of the biggest shop here where you can find t-shirts and all sorts of souvenirs. It's a smaller version of Krishna. But there are things like Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that you can't find in Krishna were sold here. I bought one and when I showed it to Jard, she was a bit furious. Ahhahaha!! Coz the cotton feel is as nice as the one he bought from the HRC official shop. Hahaha!!

This is the entrance towards the seashore. Xiyad was staring at the statue for so long and it kinda creep me out. Hahahaha!! Once we entered, we finally meet up back with Masy and Zonaku which were hungry but yet happy to explore the whole place while waiting for us to meet back. Hahahaha!! Sian~~~


The ducks were playing and drinking the clear salt water. Err salty right? It comes from the sea..haaha..I didn't really know how I could snap a nice photo to portray the story on how the ducks live peacefully by the sea here. This is just the best I could do.


The beach was filled with people. It's because that evening was the climax of the Galungan festival where we could see people coming down from the temple with their traditional attires and there were 2 huge dolls that resemble their gods were marching down.

Some of the locals were going back to their homes as the festival was nearing its end.



You can see the march was going down from the temple. There were Balinese and tourists everywhere wanting to witness the ceremony themselves.


Cembam and Xiyad waited me at the spot where most tourists were gathering and I went a bit deeper to the seashore to take better pictures (konon). Actually it was my first time experiencing the wave of other country's sea. A strong wave unlike Malaysian. Wooosshhhh~~~ So much fun!!


Cembam and Xiyad waited here.


Gambar lumut yang menawan. Air tengah surut when we were there so I could go further towards the ocean.


The wave in action..BURSHHH...SPLAASHHHHH!!!

When I saw how nice the view when you went further, I thought "it's a waste if Cembam and Xiyad are not here". So I went back to them and slowly guided Cembam with Xiyad on her chest in that carrier so she could be here as well. It's pretty slippery but carefully, we managed it just nice.


Cembam and Xiyad with the temple as the background. Xiyad was watching the strong wave!!



Xiyad still attracted by the wave


Us!! me with my HOng Kong t-shirt!!


Alhamdulillah Xiyad was inside the carrier the whole time nicely. Not being cranky. Good boy!!!


Then we took back our stroller that we placed near the tattoo stall. Thanked the guy for giving me permission place it there. We had an ice-cream there. The one like Gelato that I would always pass by whenever I went to Pavilion. So this time, I don't really think about 'mahal' coz I just want to finish my Rupiah!! Hahahaha

We bought some souvenirs from the shop I mentioned above and leaved the place around 7P.M. Our last destination!! The journey home was not that long because our Supir used a different road and we were full unlike the journey to come here where we were hungry. Hahahaha!!

Cembam wanted to have a KFC for dinner, so I bought the snack plate for her which a bit different from Malaysia. The chicken portion was also smaller to compare. Had a chat in Wafa's junior suite, eating maggie and we went to bed ready for our early morning flight. Our supirs were really punctual!! They arrived around 3 A.M.

I gave them both 50.000 rupiah each when I was shaking hand with them as our last token of appreciation for being such a nice supirs for us.  Unsure if I'm going there again..but we really had a blast!!!


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