Bali - Hard Rock Cafe & Hotel, Kuta Beach and Krishna souvenirs emporium

>> 9.14.2012

Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt is a very common thing to be bought as a token of memory of being in a stranger's soil. Well not for me but for most of my friends that I know. Our first destination for the first day is the Kuta beach and the Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel just happened to be just opposite the beach. Great!!

Like any other HRC, the one in Bali is also a place where you could just take some photos and buy the HRC t-shirt. When I was out of the car, the rest of the Memuah have already vanished from my sight. So I snapped some pictures before going into the hotel. The cafe staff let us know that they were not open for business yet but I mentioned to them that I just wanna take some photos.


Then we went into the hotel. There's a circle made of guitars as the landmark in front of the hotel. Alongside of the walk towards the hotel, you can see on your right the tenants were having fun in the pool. It's a huge pool though!! If I have my tele lense with me, I would surely snap some pics!!

Bali - HRC
Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta Beach Bali

Bali - HRC
The Pub in Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Bali - HRC
Hehe..Xiyad and I. Well at least he has grown up so the camera can see his eyes. Hehe

Bali - HRC
It's bloody expensive, we can't afford it so we just take photo with it. Huhu. Sorry Xiyad.

Bella n Jard bought themselves a HRC t-shirt here. IDR 250.000. For collectors out there, you should know well before hand the price right? Well, for a collector's item it worth the money no?


Bali - HRC

After a while, we went out of the hotel and took some photos with the landmark while waiting for the others to get back from where ever they went!! Hahaha!! It was the first stop, we didn't get the chance to make an agreement on how long we should spend the time there. So, we were waiting for quite some time. I even walked up to the hotel again to look for our Supir. Huhu 

Bali - HRC

The Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta Beach Bali
Around Kuta Beach area. Most of the tourists rented motorcycles here

I didn't manage to take decent photos of the beach. It was scorching!! I had Xiyad with me so I ended up to have only this photo that I can considered OK to be posted. Sorry. It was really hot noon. It killed my mood to take photos of the beach.

Bali - HRC
In front of the huge HRC surfing board. From left, Cembam, Xiyad, Montok, Zona, Miyamor and Mulus!!

Bali - HRC
My son Xiyad would usually make that rock sign whenever he's sucking his fingers. But he won't do it if he was asked to =[.

Bali - HRC

After a while waiting everyone to gather back, the Supirs were no where to be found. I went back to the hotel trying to find them but to no avail. But when I went back down, they were already at the car. So next we went to Krishna souvenirs emporium!!!

Krishna is a huge souvenirs shop, open 24-hour daily. A vast selection of t-shirts. But the fridge magnets are out of anyone's tastes. Huhuhu. It's air-conditioned and we spent more than an hour inside there browsing leisurely. Nice option if the weather is so hot. I think our Supir really had to wait for so long till we finished shopping. Hehehe. But it's good though coz we don't have to allocate time for souvenirs again. At least for the t-shirts.

Then our Supir brought us to a halal restaurant where we tried the Ayam bertutu which means ayam berempah or spiced chicken. We ordere 1 whole chicken which actually not a whole chicken though. They were 2 pcs of wing portions and 2pcs of thigh portions if you know what I mean. Then we ordered some veggies and chicken soup to wet the rice. If not it would be too dry. We didn't eat the food we bought ourselves for this first-time lunch.

Our lunch!!

Es buah. Cembam's drink which in the end finished by me. It's like a fruit cocktail

Bali doesn't serve or sell Teh (tea+milk) like we usually have in Malaysia. So no teh ais. Only teh O ice with choices of with sugar or non-sugar. But the food really was nice and I couldn't believe I finished a really big portion of the food there. I'm on my way to a bigger muscular body..err I think..

Then we headed to our next destination..where? Stay tune!!


Jard The Great September 14, 2012 at 11:02 AM  

hehehe... kesian ko kena carik supir

Masy September 14, 2012 at 12:29 PM  

lauk dia nice2 utk tekak, ok lettewwwww

HEMY September 14, 2012 at 2:20 PM  

kesian watpe...hahaha

tuh la..byk tu aku habiskan lauk ari tu

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