Disneyland Hong Kong - Simba, Journey of the King

>> 1.23.2011

To those who adores Disneyland cartoon and characters so much, Disneyland is a must-go place regardless of which Disneyland you are going to visit. Me? I got the chance to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. I wanna share about Simba, one of the Disneyland Character.

Simba - The Journey of the King.You can catch the performance in the Adventureland section. I used to watch Simba but I've already forgot some of the characters and how the story ended. It's a nice time to reminisce the old days of my childhood.

HongKong Disneyland - SImba Performance

Simba's friends would be the first to appear in the show. The wildboar, the Giraffe, the Elephant and that one in the picture above..err..I don't really remember what kind of animal it was. Sorry. He's Simba's bestest friend though.

HongKong Disneyland - SImba Performance

It was also my very first experience shooting in this kind of low-light performance which I've always looking forward to. I wanted to test my 7D and it turned out sooo niceee

HongKong Disneyland - SImba Performance

The best part about those mascots, the can even blink you know!! Making it more realistic especially during the singing part.

HongKong Disneyland - Simba performance

When Simba entered the stage, every other characters would bow before this very powerful king of the jungle.

HongKong Disneyland - SImba Performance

The story will start right after the awesome roar from Simba. It tells us since when Simba was still a young cub and how his evil uncle tried to dethrone him. The performance (story) is told with 2 different languages which are english and mandarin.

It was such a nice show and we really enjoyed it.

HongKong Disneyland - Adventureland

 Disneyland HongKong

Disneyland HongKong

The rest of the pictures are some other areas of Adventureland that you could find here. Those drums and everything there reflects some stories or tales in Disneyland. If you really a die hard fan of Disney toon, you should know which stuff for which cartoon =]


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