Custom album service!! If you have the budget, why not making it better!!

>> 5.24.2010

After 2 months we married, baru dapat siap our first album. The reception album on Terengganu. A lot of obstacles to complete them. Of course because we are living separately, most of the weekend is spent on the road, traveling to meet each others. Then, my company laptop is not really built for image processing. So slow and sometimes hang in the middle and I didn't save my work yet. Huuu~~~

But now as I have a new laptop, everything is a lot easier. So I can complete them. I'm on the other album right now. Will try to complete it asap.












I hope you could say "Wow" when you look at them or at least "nice". Hehehe. Actually I'm providing the custom album editing service. These are for 12x8 inches custom album. 22 pages. So, if you guys have a budget, a bonus that you want to have something like this for your wedding pictures that you have, feel free to contact me on my number;

Mobile number : 0172192349
Email address :

Price? Ok, for the time being I would offer the price of only RM150 for 22 pages!!! Then you can bring the design, go to the printing shop and print them. If you want me to print for you, I'll add the cost of the album (which is my price. Regular people, non-photographer would be charged differently if you print them) and couple ringgit for my fuel. That would be RM250.

So, the design and the printing for RM400 only and all you need to know is it's delivered to you after finished. For those outside Klang valley and need it to be posted, I'm sorry..I need to charge you for the courier. Last time I couriered a 6x8 inches album, it costs me RM50 - DHL. But it would reach you the next day!! 

So, if you want to have this kind of album, you know who you could contact. 


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