Farqad Nu'aim & Siti Zaleha - 15 November 09

>> 12.04.2009

Updated entry. I've uploaded most of the nice outdoor pictures of this couple here. Will continue to finish the 2nd album for the solemnization. Just stay tune. The solemnization pictures would be in a different entry. Hehehehe...

Hi Key Potraiture


after the vow

Just finished taking another wedding shoot for my close friend, Iza and her beloved husband Farqhad. Thanks Allah, we had the best sunlight right after the short rain. We were so unhappy when the drizzling wont stop. But it was worth a try when we drove away from the drizzling part towards the sunny padi field not far from the bride's house.

Qhad n Iza

Farqhad n Iza

Ori - reflection by the padi field

waiting for the running lover

Bridal pose


JUmp my dear before you get fat

The responsibility on her back

Toss it me love!!



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