Self Pre-Wedding

>> 9.11.2009

Pre wedding has becoming a trend now. Every couple would have their own's special memory of their relationship that occured in so many places. Some would ask to have a photoshoot at these places to remind them the special moments that they've shared at these places.

Mostly, it involves outdoor pictures and a small percentage would do it in a studio. But the trend is more to outdoor now.

I've managed to take my own pre-wedding photo session. can call it like that of course. Just using my tripod, I managed to take some photos and gonna print them out in an 8x6 inches album. Just want to share with how and what is pre-wedding is all about;

You could get more pictures with more actions if someone else takes it for you =]. This 20 pages album and the DVD of the pictures would cost you just RM400. You set the place and we'll have fun there!!


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