First test (bloody WP)

>> 10.25.2007

Hello..hello..testing testing..Ni hau maaa..Nande koreeee…??

Yoo..mummylicious. I’m gonna be the first one posting the real entry for this blog. Wahaha!!
Raya leaves have just passed for most of us. And now..most of us might just forget about the efforts to get HIS bless like we had tried last month. For us mostly, doing good deeds is just during Ramadhan..agree? So just let us think how poor we are if that’s the thing set in each of our mind.

Let us at least try to preserve the nice intention to get HIS bless every moment of our life. Let us make the Ramadhan which just passed a start of a journey to get close to HIM not just a memory of moments we once tried to…=]

May Allah bless all of u…


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